Available Session Styles :

Beauty/Fashion  Session  :  * $425

Boudoir  Session  :  * $425
Maternity  Session  :  * $425

Newborn Session  :  * $525

Styled Group Session  :  * $675

      *  Signature Collections begin at  $1200​

Iconic & Corporate Head Shots :  ** $725

   **  Includes two full-resolution Digital Files & Print Authorization

…the soul made visible… 

call or text4253469294


Included with Each Session :

Personalized Mood Board   {establishes session theme & tone} 

Styling Consultation   {via Skype... or in person}

Complimentary Hair & MakeUp  {for our gals!}

Traditional Straight Razor Shave   {for our guys!}

Session Premiere {celebrate your fine art portraits & fusion video during this photo reveal. we'll also craft your signature collection during this incredible event.  and enjoy gourmet dessert - our treat!}

Contact Information :

​Studio Cell  425 . 346 . 9294

UtahCounty/Wasatch County/Salt Lake County/Summit County

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Saturday, November 21st, 2016 from 10:30AM to 2:30PM


Friday, November 20th, 2016 from 7:30 to 9:00PM

SNAP HAPPY: Photo 101   {$55/ind . $90/pair}


  • 'seeing the light'
  • manipulating the light
  • engaging your subject
  • composing a stellar shot
  • creating & capturing amazing memories
  • nailing five steps to ensure you truly do become Snap Happy!
  • losing 10 POUNDS in-camera  {yup... seriously!}
  • gourmet desserts provided... of course!

SNAP HAPPY 2: Mastering Manual   {$195/ind . $370/pair}


  • understanding ISO
  • controlling shutter speed
  • utilizing aperture  {my baby!!}
  • exploring the relationship between these settings
  • nailing proper exposure
  • creating stellar shots with absolute control
  • discovering your personal style & setting priority
  • harnessing & honing your new-found power!
  • delicious lunch & gourmet desserts provided... of course!

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**Interested in Attending for Free?**

Let's create your own SNAP HAPPY event!  We will cover the cost of your tuition and, of course, provide you with a fabulous thank you gift.

One more perk?  You get to determine your classmates!  How fantastic is that?!

Simply contact us for more details.   PHONE:  4253469294

We are based in Pleasant Grove, UT, and would love to schedule an event in your area - even within the walls of your own home!

And why not?  Your home is the perfect setting to receive simple, entertaining, and very real answers to your basic {aaand not so basic} photography questions.

While we prefer to keep these classes relatively small and intimate, we're happy to accommodate larger groups upon request.

So let's plan that fab girls' night you've been craving!  Or... let's spend an afternoon spoiling some of your VIP clients!

Call today or, if you prefer, we'll call you.  Simply share your information in the contact form on this very page, and we'll be in touch oh, so soon!

SNAP HAPPY: Photo101    &    SNAP HAPPY 2: Mastering Manual

I am so excited to bring SNAP HAPPY to Utah.  It pairs two things I absolutely adore… custom photography and connecting with others.  During these courses, I openly share my knowledge, insights and tips {from over 10 years of experience!} because helping you more beautifully capture your memories and preserve your heritage… fills my soul!!